Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Tuesday Trick for the iPad

A little trick that my 5 year old found for me over break, funny how we learn new things.  

We've shown in a few iPad trainings that there are multitask gestures like sliding all 4 fingers up on your screen to reveal the multi-task bar. From there you can see all apps you have recently used, and if you swipe the bar to the right, it gives you brightness adjustment, volume control, and play/pause button. (See above picture)  This makes a fast swipe of the fingers to turn on and off your music, pause your audiobook, or move to the next podcast..... but if you are like me, your ipad goes to sleep while playing and if you have a passcode lock on your screen, to quickly pause your podcast can be a pain!

Like I said, my 5 year old showed me this.... of course he found it by accident by hitting the HOME BUTTON two times while the iPad was locked.  Notice in the picture above that I now have controls that have appeared for what you have playing.  Much faster and convenient and the screen is still locked!

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