Friday, April 27, 2012

Apps for Preschool and Kindergarten

I was visiting with an adorable little special needs student the other day and spent the morning looking for  free apps that are simple, fun, and engaging..  Some of these are free only for a limited time so if you work with primary, now is the time to download!

Wee Sing & Learn ABC - **Free for a limited time**  4+ star rating
Read along, ABC Song, explore the ABCs, play along, or explore some animals.... all from the Wee Sing company.  No ads!

Squiggles! by Lazoo Worldwide    **Free**  4+ star rating
This app is a simple drawing app that has children practice their fine motor skills by creating different squiggles for pictures that come to life.  No ads, audio instructions, bright and colorful.  It also includes a storybook that can be read aloud to the child with interactive pictures.  In the "parent" zone it allows for teachers or parents to record themselves reading the book..... or better yet, have a sibling or older student do it!

Little Writer - Tracing Letters, Numbers, Words, and Shapes **Free** 4+ star rating
I love the layout and ease of this app.  The shapes and letters that they trace are large and easy to follow.   There are no ads, a reassuring voice that tells them what they have drawn or written.  Colors are bright and nice animation.

i Learn with Polo:  Seasons and Weather!  HD   **Free for a limited time** 4+ star rating
There are many versions of the iLearnwith apps with most costing about $0.99.  This one is a science educational apps designed for preschool and kinder aged children.  No ads, all audio instructions, allows for an adult to set up a monitoring account for progress as well.

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