Friday, December 12, 2014

Google Docs on the iPad - Continuing to Improve - Table Editing!

A frustration for many of the teachers and students has been the limited usability of google apps on the iPad.  It seems that Google hears the needs and does work on adding them....slowly but surely.

 A recently added feature to the Google Doc app on the iPad is the ability to finally view and edit in a table!  Tables have always caused a problem in the app before this.  Requiring students to use the browser to access which is always a few extra steps that teachers would like to avoid.

With this great addition, there is still a few things missing like creating the table inside the app.  This is hopefully an option that will make an appearance soon. (fingers crossed)  Right now it's just editing in an already created table.

Another Quick Google Doc Tip:  If there is a file you access often, or would like to continue to work on even when lacking internet access, be sure to choose to make that file available offline by choosing the option to "Keep on Device".  This is great to show students especially who have access to their iPads at home but may have little or no internet access outside of school.

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