Monday, December 17, 2012

Vocabulary Lesson with iPads/iPods

Example from 3rd grade student
One of the great advantages of using iPads or iPods is the opportunities to be creative, especially using the camera tool.  I had an opportunity to peak into a classroom on a learning walk and that is exactly how the students were using iPads and iPods.

The students had a list of vocabulary words.  For each word they had to write a definition using their own terminology.  Once all the words were defined, they could insert a picture next to each definition demonstrating their visual understanding.

For example use the word "elate".  Once the word is defined by a student, like "being happy", then they take a picture of their friends pretend cheering in all smiles.

Scribble Press and BookCreator are two of many apps students could use to create story books for their vocabulary words, and save their finished product into iBooks.  This will allow students to keep a journal of all their words to review at a later time, or read through other students books if sharing iPads or iPods.

In one classroom students were using PicCollage and creating a VocabCollage, while in another room students used LifeLike Cards to create a vocab postcard.

Those students that finished their assigned tasks before others, could extend their learning by including pictures of antonyms for each term.

There are many apps to choose from, and the iDevice allows students to use the one app that stands out for creativity - camera tool.

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