Tuesday, October 9, 2012

No Sound? Not Rotating?

This is actually a confusing thing about iPads, especially when someone is just starting out.

The little side switch on the upper right hand side of the iPad can be adapted for two uses:  mute and lock screen.

By default the side switch is set to mute.  Some prefer lock screen.  To change:  Settings > General  and you will find the side switch options.

As you can see in the highlighted area on the image, the other option then becomes accessible in the multitasking bar.  Users can find the multitasking bar by double clicking the home button twice and swiping the bar along the bottom to the right or by the 4 finger swipe up and then swiping the bar at the bottom to the right.

This is often where the mute confusion comes into play.
A user may change their side switch to lock screen, forgetting then that they may have the mute turned on in the multitasking bar.  Music works fine, videos play with sound but the games have no sound.

It's important to remember:  the mute only mutes: notifications, game sounds, alerts, sound effects..... not video, music, movies.

No rotation?  Same situation - user has the side switch for mute, forgetting that they locked the screen in the multitasking bar.

Apple support on this topic:

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